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Decorative lighting for beautiful spaces

Our inspiration comes from beauty in whatever form it takes; art, architecture, fashion, nature. This has evolved into a versatile design approach that transcends modern and classical styles.

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We collaborate with interior designers to create decorative lighting for fine interiors. For over 40 years, we have refined the process of designing and constructing exceptional lighting. Each project is guided by a shared vision in response to the unique demands of the space.

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Beauty is revealed through the absence or presence of light

It’s taken over four decades to build our reputation. Founded in 1977, Heathfield was born from an early interest in well-styled interiors and product design. The company started out as a leading manufacturer of lighting accessories, supplying respected retailers throughout the UK and Europe.

We soon opened new facilities just south of London, dedicated exclusively to creative lighting for high-end residential and commercial projects. We continue to design and produce our lighting in the same building to this day, passing down specialist techniques from one generation to the next.

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Many of our team have been here for their entire working lives, some of them sharing over 30 years of hands-on experience and learnings. Together, we have the connected knowledge to understand the finer points of how to innovate, design and construct decorative lighting in a way that few other companies can match.

All our products are exclusively handmade to order, allowing us to give our undivided attention to every stage of the production process. We don’t simply import, we don’t outsource, and we don’t stockpile. Our customer service team personally deliver our quality commitment and are always happy to provide responsive and insightful answers.

A design brief must have a creative and technical component. We deliver on both.

We keep our focus on the customer and the interior environment. We invest time in understanding how interior designers develop, design and style rooms for their clients. We absorb their influences and sensibilities. Most importantly, we have the technical and aesthetic knowledge to deliver exactly what they envisage.

At the heart of this experience is a deep empathy and understanding of our customers. To make something of beauty, we must first share the same vision.

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