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A Message From Our Founder

Price Increases

Price increases are always difficult, and something we have put off for as long as possible - since 2018. Instead, we have focused on refining and improving our working efficiencies, removing unnecessary costs wherever possible. However, last year we saw cost increases across all areas of our business. As a result, we have made the decision to adjust our pricing this year, with effect from 1st February.

I would like to take the time to explain the main reasons behind these increases in an open and honest way. After all, these values are fundamental in maintaining the trust and confidence
between us.

Transport Partners

2021 was a challenging year. The on-going effects of Covid, combined with the impact of the UK leaving the EU are factors that have led to a multitude of issues with transport. The most difficult being a shortage in drivers. This, combined with an increase in demand has contributed to a significant increase in cost across all transport networks.


The vast majority of our raw materials are sourced throughout Europe. We work with specialist suppliers to maintain the level of quality that you are used to, and we wish to be known for. Unfortunately, the cost of these materials has risen beyond our expectations due to the lasting effects of Covid and ever growing demand.

Design remains at the core of our business, and that will never change. However, the factors that I mention, combined with general increases in living costs, have forced us to review the pricing of each individual product. For many products there are no changes and for those we have increased, we have tried to keep this to a minimum.

Finally a note of thanks; as a small business we are truly humbled by your continued support in helping us grow as a brand.

With my very best wishes,